Important Growtopia Facts

Important Growtopia Facts

When it comes to creative games, this platform continues to expand with so many different types of games, especially on mobile devices. One of the popular creative games out there is Growtopia. Growtopia is a popular game that was published by Robinson growtopia Technologies. The game strips a lot of complexities that you will find in other creative games, such as Terraria or Minecraft. The game allows the user to build and populate their unique world that expands as far as you want to on your mobile.

Growtopia is designed on a basic concept of planting and splicing seeds, building a customized world and collecting gems. It also allows one to interact with their friends through the game. When playing for the first time, you will need to use the on-screen arrows so as to move, jump and build. To access your inventory, you will need to click on the tab that is at the bottom center of the pixel games screen, and it will slide up and down on the screen. All you do in the game is to gather and destroy things through a process known as punching. Punching can be done through tapping on the fist and selecting items that are close, or you can use the action button. As a new player, a few minutes of digging around and running around will ensure that you become a pro within a very short time.

To get you going as a first-time player, you will need to dig the soil for dirt seed and gems. After collecting a good number of gems, one can go to the shop and guy seeds, which will enhance your creativity within the game. When you plant the seed, they will grow into trees, some taking a few seconds while other a few minutes growtopia cheats to mature, other may even take hours or even days. The seeds in the game each have a rarity of between 1 and 100. As a player, you can combine seeds to form new items in the game. As you continue playing you will get to know which combinations work, and those that do not as you continue populating your little world.

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